Full Zirconium Crowns

Full Zirconium Crowns

What is zirconium (zirconia) tooth?

It is a white alloy used instead of gray metal as infrastructure of classic porcelain bridgework and prothesis.

Where are zirconia teeth used?

They are used in high level of coloring where no results could be achieved with methods like whitening for aesthetic purposes, in the treatment of hereditary structure coloring, in treatment of teeth that are separated or a little overlapping such as diastema where orthodontic treatment is not preferred, in the restoration of teeth, the color and structure of which are disturbed, having old filling and loss of substances in the extreme, as bridge-work or veneer at the back teeth, at the prothesis on implant at front teeth, and in designing smiling aesthetics.

Full Zirconium Crowns


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