Partial Prosthesis

Partial Prosthesis

It is a type of removable prosthesis applied to patients who have lost part of their teeth.
It attaches to the teeth in the mouth by means of hooks. On both sides of the jaw, there should be retaining teeth for stability. Therefore, the upper jaw, the palate and the lower jaw have a main part connecting the two sides behind the front teeth.
At the first appointment, your prosthesis will be delivered after a total of 4-5 sessions and 1-2 weeks of procedure. Hygiene is of great importance in order to protect the existing teeth and to use the prosthesis for a long time. It is not true that the hooks attached to the teeth erode or decay the teeth. When good oral health is established, the prosthesis-deposition sites can be removed. After meals, the prosthesis should be removed from the mouth and the teeth existing in the mouth should be brushed and then the prostheses should be cleaned with water and brush. Unless otherwise instructed by the physician, the prosthesis should be removed from the mouth at night.

Partial Prosthesis


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