Tooth Cleaning

Tooth Cleaning

What is tooth cleaning?
Tooth cleaning is defined as the process of removing plaque and tartar from teeth. If tartar or calculus is allowed to accumulate in the tooth, bacteria form over time. The main purpose of cleaning and polishing the teeth is to make the tooth surface smooth and clean. Thus, bacteria cannot harm teeth and threaten dental health. Cleaning process is the most effective method to prevent gum diseases.


How to clean teeth?
The tartar and plaques on the teeth are cleaned using tools that will not harm the teeth. These;


Ultrasonic instruments: Tooth cleaning is started first with ultrasonic instruments. Vibrations allow large tartars to fall off the teeth. Water is sprayed with the process and the inside of the mouth is cleaned. During operation, the instrument makes a humming sound. Vibration occurs in the mouth. The end of the tool is round and curved. This does not damage the teeth as it is not a cutting tool. If the tartar content in the teeth is high, cleaning may take longer.


Fine hand tools: After cleaning the large tartars from the teeth with the ultrasonic device, the remaining parts are cleaned with a fine hand tool. Continue until the tooth surface is smooth. Thin hand tools are designed according to tooth structure. Thus, the tartars accumulated between the teeth and in the folds of the teeth are easily cleaned.


Tooth polish: After the teeth are cleared of tartar and a smooth surface is provided, polishing is applied to the teeth. Polishing is done with a brush attached to a small handpiece with a slower speed. All the teeth are polished one by one with circular movements and the teeth become brighter after the process.


Fluoride: Fluoride is applied as a final treatment for tooth cleaning. Fluoride applied; foam, paste or gel. It is applied to the tooth with special devices and waited for half an hour. After the procedure, the excess remains in the mouth are removed by spitting. Fluoride should never be swallowed as it may damage the stomach. After this last process, do not eat or drink anything for half an hour.

Tooth Cleaning


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