Total Prosthesis

Total Prosthesis

What is a total dental prosthesis?

Full dental prostheses are removable prostheses that support the lower and upper jaws in cases where all teeth are lost due to caries, trauma and bone resorption.

Is it possible to provide aesthetic appearance in total dentures?
In total dentures, lip and cheek fullness can be ensured by prosthesis and the face can be obtained a younger appearance. In addition, all the teeth are arranged in accordance with aesthetic rules and it is possible to provide a beautiful smile.

What problems can we experience when using total prostheses?
Fully dental prostheses are mobile because of their support in the tissue. In particular, the lower palate has less volume than the upper palate and the tongue in the lower jaw makes the lower prosthesis more mobile than the upper prosthesis. General complaints of the patients; my upper palate is holding, but eating, talking, my lower palate is playing. Depending on this movement, strokes often occur.

Total Prosthesis


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