One of the most popular procedures in aesthetic dentistry is tooth whitening. If applied correctly, teeth whitening will not cause any harm to the teeth. With tooth whitening, it has a much cleaner, whiter and eye-catching smile, and most importantly, the original tooth tissue is completely protected.

Some people are satisfied with the whiteness they provide by brushing their teeth twice a day and cleaning regularly. But of course, everyone wants to have whiter and striking smiles. No matter how well you look at your teeth, serious color changes will occur over the years.
There may be many causes of discoloration in the teeth.

The most common causes are:

Thinning of enamel layer depending on age,
Habits like smoking,
Use of high dose fluorine,
Tetracycline antibiotics,
Discolorations due to root canal treatment.
Teeth whitening is a procedure that must be performed under the control of the dentist. It may not be suitable for everyone.



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